Please Pass the Pineapple!

 If you have curls or waves or coils, and you’ve never heard of pineappling, prepare to have your mind blown. The naturally curly community is endlessly creative and always coming up with ways to improve and preserve curls. Shampooing too often can lead to dryness so curlies needed ways to preserve their curls to give them day 2, 3, 4, or even day 6 hair. One of the best ways to preserve your curls is to sleep in some type of pineapple. And no, it does not mean putting fresh pineapple in your hair!


There are a few different methods to pineapple, but in general pineappling is just putting your hair into a very high ponytail on top of your head while you sleep. Let’s break it down into three main steps and two optional:


Step 1 - Gather all of your hair like you were going to put it into a ponytail but bring the origin point to the very top of your head. Imagine where the horn of a unicorn would be, just behind your forehead hairline. Pro tip: bending over makes this hair-gathering step much easier. 


Step 2 - Take a spiral hair tie or fabric scrunchie and pull your hair entirely through to make that very high ponytail. Do not wrap it around twice. You want this to be loose to prevent dents and creases when you release the pineapple. Ideally, you would do this just as you're climbing into bed so it doesn’t easily fall. 


Step 3 - Allow your curls to fall onto both sides of your head, framing your forehead. At this point, your hair should look like the top of a pineapple. Hence, the name!


Step 4- Optional - Yet, VERY effective. Sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase. When you sleep on cotton, as you move, your hair strands are rubbed and separated causing frizz. Satin or silk allows the hair to glide as you toss and turn reducing the friction that leads to frizz.


Step 5 - Optional - For added protection, place the pineapple inside a satin or silk bonnet or wrap a satin or silk scarf around your head.


You may be wondering how to pineapple if you have extremely long or short hair. For long hair, you can either clip the tips of your pineapple (the ends of your hair) to your head, or rather than pulling all your hair through in step 2, you can pull just halfway through creating a loose bun, or after step 2, you can place your long curls inside a satin bonnet. For short hair you can pineapple using a satin or silk scarf, you can use bobby pins to create the pineapple, and/or you can place all your curls inside a satin or silk bonnet.  


And there you have it, the perfect pineapple!  Now, when you sleep, only the undersides of your hair will rub again your pillow and the majority of your curls will be preserved. This funny-sounding method has become one of the most tried and true ways to keep your curls looking their best! So yes, please pass the pineapple!