Satin: Your Beauty Sleep Best Friend

Would you like to wake up well-rested, refreshed, and with smooth hair and skin?  I am sure you have heard that satin pillowcases can help but I bet you're skeptical. How is that even possible? How can changing the material you sleep on make any difference at all? Surprisingly, this simple switch can make a noticeable difference in your skin, scalp, and hair. Let’s explore the many benefits of sleeping on satin.

Prevent Frizzy Hair and Maintain Shine & Definition

Cotton pillowcases grab hair causing tension and roughing the hair cuticle. The result is bedhead and frizz. Satin is smooth and lets hair glide without friction keeping the cuticle smooth and defined sections together. The result is increased shine and definition and much less bedhead, frizz, and knots.

Prevent Wrinkles & Sleep Creases

It seems too good to be true but satin pillowcases can prevent wrinkles. Just as satin lets hair glide, it also allows the skin around your eyes, mouth, forehead, and cheeks to move freely on the pillow with less friction and tugging than cotton. Is it a miracle cure? Of course not. But, it can result in fewer wrinkles and creases over time, improving your beauty sleep.

Maintain Skin Hydration & Improve Skin Cream Effectiveness

Cotton is absorbent. It’s perfect to clean surfaces and dry dishes. It’s not perfect for pillowcases. That same absorption that picks up spills also pulls moisture from your skin. On cotton, the luxurious serums, oils, acids, and creams you put on at night get extracted from your skin and absorbed into your cotton pillowcase. What a waste! Satin fibers are smooth and much less absorbent, allowing your skin to stay hydrated. On satin, your expensive skincare products will remain on your skin improving their effectiveness. 

Maintain Hair Health & Prevent Split Ends & Dandruff

Satin pillowcases help keep hair hydrated and healthy. The smooth non-absorbent texture of satin keeps your natural hair oils, hair gels, creams, and conditioners on your hair keeping it well hydrated and healthy. Maintaining natural scalp oil results in less dry flaking and dandruff. In addition, the smooth surface helps prevent hair breakage resulting in fewer split ends. 

Reduce Eyelash, Brow, and Hair Loss 

When you sleep, the friction from tossing and turning causes natural hair loss, including from your eyebrows and eyelashes. The slick surface of satin allows hair to glide rather than catch preventing hair shedding and unnecessarily excessive hair loss. This can be especially helpful if you wear lash extensions. 

So there you have it. Satin pillowcases make a difference. This very simple switch can have you waking up looking more youthful, with less frizz, less bedhead, less flaking, smoother skin, and more hair! Grab yours today!