Le Loop

Coil Loops In Clear Air - 8 pack


What does a girl need in her hair? Let our Coil Loops be your answer. These versatile spiral hair ties are gentle, water-resistant, durable, and won't leave any creases so your hair will always look fabulous! With these handy ties around your wrist or wrapped into your locks, you'll know that there's one thing less to worry about (or have to search for). And best of all, these lovely coils are perfect for playtime - running errands with mommy dearest; squeezing in an easy workout at the gym; or getting dolled up for dinner at night- not gonna lie- we love 'em!

• Set of 8 Hair Coil Loops 
• 1.25" to 7" expandable diameter
• Suitable for all hair types including curls

➰Curl Friendly
Use a coil loop to keep your curls off of your face and on top of your head in a loose curl pineapple.  By keeping your curls high up, they won't mat against your pillow and will remain fresh and frizz-free.

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