Le Loop

Juliana Clip | Blonde Tortoise


Le Loop’s elegant Juliana Clip is a unique double-barreled claw perfect for medium to thick hair. The 3.75-inch long jaws open over 1.5 inches wide and the interior barrel is hand-screwed with a second row of teeth for a more secure hold.

Like designer sunglasses, the Juliana Clip is made from high-quality plant-based cellulose acetate, a natural, renewable material. It’s an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based inexpensive plastic or acrylic. Our cellulose acetate is luxurious, durable, long-lasting, and polished to a beautiful, high gloss. Each clip is unique with its own blonde tortoise pattern.

• Juliana Clip | Blonde Tortoise
• Oversized: 3.75" x  2"


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