Le Loop is a labor of love born from a lifetime searching for the perfect hair products. Having three daughters, all with different hair types, I struggled to find the perfect accessories and styling tools for our needs. I would see a new product and question, "Will it work for my 3a curls, Charlotte’s straight hair, Katherine’s thick waves, or Juliana’s 2c curls? Will it get stuck? Cause frizz? Breakage? Make creases? Can it hold a lot of hair?" I was inspired to create, Le Loop, a company where women, with all hair types, can be sure the products will work for them. We test on all hair types because we have all hair types! As I know firsthand, curly hair can be especially challenging so we have marked all curl tested and approved products, ➰CURL APPROVED .

Regardless of your hair type, you can feel confident when you're in Le Loop!

Tracy Wells, Founder & CEO