Le Loop

Coil Loops In Earth Brown Mix - 8 pack


A girl on the go needs a hair tie that's versatile, supportive, yet stylish. Our Le Loop Coil Loops are just that! They're waterproof, durable, and won't leave any creases in your hair. Just loop around twice for a secure hold or loop once for a relaxed look. They're perfect for play, working out, or creating an evening updo. Wear them on your wrist to match your outfit. Suitable for all hair types including curls! For more curl info, see below.

• Set of 8 Hair Coil Loops
• 1.25" to 7" expandable diameter 

Use a spiral coil loop to keep your curls off of your face and on top of your head in a loose curl pineapple.  By keeping your curls high up, they won't mat against your pillow and will remain fresh and frizz-free.

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