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Katherine Clip In Blonde Tortoise


Keeping your hair out of your face for work or play is important, but it's hard to find a clip that works with thick hair. The standard claw clips just don't do the job! They fall off too easily without actually holding anything in place. Le Loop's Katherine Clip is here to save the day! This strong 4-inch long claw clip was designed specifically for thick, natural, or curly-haired women like you who need a tool that will actually hold their mane back from their eyes while they're working or playing. Our clip has a strong grip to grab every bit of annoying flyaway strands from your bangs down to your ponytail without slipping off during active use. And the long length spreads the teeth out making the clip extremely gentle and comfortable to wear. No more headaches and no more bad hair days!

• Katherine Clip | Blonde Tortoise
• Oversized: 4" x  2"

About Cellulose Acetate: Looking for a way to express your commitment to eco-conscious style and design? Do you want your hair accessories to last longer? Then it's time for Le Loop’s cellulose acetate hair clips! Plant-based cellulose acetate is stronger, sustainable, and more durable than plastic or acrylic, which are petroleum-based. Le Loop is committed to making eco-friendly fashion.

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