Le Loop

Satin Beauty Sleep Set In Rose Pink


Le Loop's Satin Sleep Sets are the newest nighttime necessity. Our pillowcase, eye mask, and scrunchie soft satin, anti-aging fabric won't agitate your blow out, your curls, or your skin. The standard size satin pillowcase has a zippered closure for a beautifully tailored look. We specially designed our satin eye mask with a black backing to block out unwanted light and help you get the most of your precious beauty sleep. The soft, satin scrunchie is perfect to keep your hair off your face, day or night. For curly hair, it's terrific for a nighttime pineapple (see below). Wake up well-rested, frizz-free, crease-free, and ready to start your day! 

What's a pineapple? A pineapple is curls gathered up in one loose coil or scrunchie and placed fully on top of your head. At night, keep your curls fresh for the next day by not matting them against your pillow. Magic! 

Rose Pink set includes:

• 1 satin zippered standard size pillowcase 26"x20"
• 1 satin eye mask
• 1 satin hair scrunchie

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